Trees Planted For Green New York City Printer Help Save Honduran Location From Hurricanes

Back to back hurricanes in November, rated level four or five when they hit landfall, wreaked havoc and devastation along the eastern coasts of Honduras and Nicaragua.

Hurricanes Eta and lota brought torrential rains that each dumped between 20 and 30 inches of water. Copan, a city rich in history and Mayan ruins, experienced extreme flooding, bridge outages and landslides. One bright spot in the catastrophe could be found at the Copan Botanical Research Station, which has been responsible for the planting of over 40,000 diverse species of trees since 2009.

The root system that has grown over the years appears to have held during the massive 2020 hurricanes and prevented potentially devastating flooding and landslides in that area. “It looks like the trees’ roots all held hands to keep our land safe,” said a relieved David Sedat, Director of the Copan project. “So trees do work, and actually have helped significantly during this Covid pandemic, providing food and natural herbal medicines for the people .” Sedat added that these herbs are accessed on an informal basis, since the station has been closed for business due to Covid since March.

These useful trees, include food, (e.g. avocado, lemon, mango) supplemental and nutritional, (e.g. herbal teas, etc.) as well as natural healthcare products (fibers, dyes, biofuels, natural agricultural pesticides), all of which provide economic incentives for environmental regeneration.

Between 2009 and 2020, the Copan Botanical Research Station located in Central America has been generously funded by New York City based commercial printer, Earth Enterprise owners Susan and Penelope Hort, who have supported the planting of over 43,000 trees. “We at Earth Enterprise Printing consistently endeavor to do what everyone should be doing in the fight for carbon neutrality” says Susan Hort, co-owner of Earth Enterprise.

Earth Enterprise is committed to carbon neutral printing, the environment, but quality is never sacrificed to meet tight deadlines. Earth Enterprise has a mission to be the Greenest Printer for every type of client, from high profile fashion design companies around the globe to agencies and local businesses. Giving back, by paying for and planting trees, and offering innovative printing services, is just another way Earth Enterprise champions green printing. ◊

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