World Happiness Week

World Happiness Week Arrives Late March

From March 18th – 23rd, World Happiness Week will focus our energy on recovery, accelerating the global movement for well-being via the most accessible event on the planet. The six day digital summit will unite…

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Digital Wellness Day

Happy International Digital Wellness Day 2020!

On May 1st, over 100 digital wellness organizations will host virtual events in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, India, the Netherlands and Argentina, a movement to empower individuals, communities, and organizations with…

The Search for Forgivemoji Comes Home

Forgivemoji, a campaign searching for an emoji to symbolize forgiveness, is nearing its conclusion. From hundreds of design ideas by the general public, Tarja Halonen, the former president of Finland, has picked  a winning candidate….

Fightback Leads the Way Through Fourth Industrial Revolution

Digitalization is the biggest disruption for business-as-usual at any major corporation. Trusted mindsets and existing business models are collapsing, corporations are struggling to react to the Fourth Industrial Revolution by risking too little and transforming…

Solving Global Water Issues

Life as we know it is primarily propagated by the presence of one molecular compound: water. Every human civilization in recorded history has been founded either on or near a major body of water, be…