Good Luck Yogi: A Revolutionary Meditation Device for Children

Good Luck Yogi

Good Luck Yogi is an interactive meditation device and mobile app for children. Within seven hours of launching their Kickstarter campaign, the company that created it reached  their $20,000 crowdfunding goal.

Co-founder and former monk, J.C. Das says that Good Luck Yogi is a revolutionary tool, thoroughly tested and vetted by experts, intended to help children develop mindfulness, especially during this era when schools are closed and the future remains uncertain.

In the first 24 hours of its campaign, Good Luck Yogi was awarded the prestigious title of “Project We Love” by Kickstarter staff. It was also the number one featured project on Kickstarter’s “Design & Tech,” page, one of the most trafficked sections of the Kickstarter website.

“I’m amazed,” says Good Luck Yogi’s Co-founder and mother of three, Anchal Leela Chand. “The response from our backers has been absolutely incredible and encouraging. This campaign has validated the need for a wellness device, and mindful inner peace hero, like Good Luck Yogi in the market.”

“Growing up in today’s climate is extremely difficult on children, and it takes a serious toll on their mental health. If we want to create a better future for the world, we have to start with the future of the world: the children,” says Das. “Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, new social movements, and long-term social distancing, our youngest generation is being exposed to unnaturally high levels of anxiety, depression, and uncertainty.”

Whether children are feeling anxious about the pandemic, lonely, restless, or just having an off day, Das says that Good Luck Yogi offers a friendly outlet to breathe, go within, and anchor themselves to inner peace. ◊

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