Why Movie Lovers Need UniConverter

Though it’s been around for a decade, UniConverter has finally grown up. Now fully equipped with all-in-one tools that, in addition to helping users convert videos, allows users to compress them, record videos from their webcam or computer screen, create audio CDs, extract soundtracks from audio CDs, convert them to MP3, and much more.

Why Movie Lovers Need UniConverter?

As the name suggests, UniConverter by Wondershare is a universal conversion tool that:

  • Is easy to use.
  • Is cheap compared to its competitors and still gives users all the advanced features that are otherwise available at a higher cost.

UniConverter provides:

·         Video Downloader or recorder – Being able to download online videos quickly is one of the most useful features of UniConverter. Copy and paste the URL of audio/video content available online and users will get the local resources they want in just two steps. Of course, they can also use the video recording feature to save the movie.

·         Conversion to Device-Specific Format – It would be very helpful to be able to store and save movie resources anytime and anywhere. Most people often encounter incompatibilities between mobile devices and video formats. Users can convert their videos to the appropriate resolution and compatible format so that they can be played on their devices by Uniconverter.

·         Video Trimming and Cropping – When watching a video, having ads clips and watermarks can make it a terrible experience. If there is a part of the source footage that users don’t want to be visible on the screen or needs to be trimmed off from the movie (e.g., a watermark or an advertisement), with UniConverter, the movie can be edited accordingly using the “Trim” and “Crop” tools. For users who want more convenience, they can also use the online version — Online UniConverter.

·         Video Metadata Rectification – With the “Fix Media Metadata” feature in the “Toolbox” window, UniConverter helps users rectify all the issues that the metadata of their media files have.

According to several reviews, the average rating of UniConverter is more than 4.5 stars. With the ability to burn media files to a CD or DVD and the built-in features that allow users to easily convert video files, download streaming audio and videos, record computer screen, etc., users find the software pretty useful and worth investing in. ◊


Image by Thomas William/Unsplash

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