Eco-Friendly Zero Carbon Coffee Delivers 10X Carbon Reduction

Zero Carbon Coffee (ZCC) has signed the Climate Neutral Pledge for net-zero emissions, becoming the first coffee company to offer coffee lovers a direct way to improve sustainability.

Every sale removes carbon emissions from the atmosphere – a 12 ounce bag of Zero Carbon Coffee is worth 100 pounds of avoided carbon. ZCC’s products provide corporations, the hospitality industry, and individuals a quantifiable means to increase their environmental commitment through coffee drinking, without compromise to flavor and quality.

The Climate Neutral Pledge is the new sustainability standard for Corporations. ZCC is delivering on the pledge by purchasing carbon offsets from verified partners to plant trees, provide efficient cookstoves, and accelerate socially responsible farming practices. ZCC is the first and only coffee brand to take the pledge, joining a cohort of over 50 brands including MiiR, Allbirds, Kickstarter, and Peak Design.

Driven by their passion for coffee and sustainability, H.G. Chissell, Reuben Villagomez, and Kimberly McGrath founded ZCC to enable major consumers of coffee a direct means of reducing their carbon footprint.

H.G. Chissell has been working for years with his organization, Advanced Energy Group, to help U.S. cities achieve ambitious carbon neutrality goals by 2050. A critical metric is per capita emissions – the amount an individual generates through daily habits and consumption choices.

“For cities to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, individuals must take action to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Chissell. Villagomez, a seasoned expert in specialty coffee and roasting, saw this as a perfect inroad for an impact-focused coffee brand. “Based on my expertise in private label coffee roasting for cafe clients, I knew I wanted to launch my own, focused on creating positive change through expressive, perfectly roasted coffees,” said Villagomez.

ZCC intends to become a 100% direct-trade only roaster within the first year of operation. Villagomez highlights, “We’re building a network of relationships with carbon-neutral farms that produce award-winning coffees and uphold the highest standards of environmental stewardship. Many of our partners, such as Aquiares (Costa Rica) and Daterra (Brazil), are recognized internationally for their leadership in agroforestry and sustainable farming practices. ZCC’s purchasing strategy ensures that producing partners can make continued investments in sustainability and quality.”

McGrath said, “Addressing climate change through purchasing decisions makes strong economic sense when weighed against how resource and manufacturing costs will rise should we not act responsibly.” ◊



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