Lamborghini Announces All Electric Car

Super car manufacturers have not necessarily been big to jump on the electric car bandwagon, so when they do, it’s something of a big deal.

Lamborghini is the latest to do so, announcing that it will have an all-electric Lambo ready to ride late in this decade. Autocar reports it here:

Lamborghini was in line to use the new performance-focused, EV-specific PPE platform developed by Porsche and Audi. However, the timing of the Lamborghini EV’s introduction closer to 2030 means it’s now likely to instead be one of the earliest vehicles to use the forthcoming SSP architecture, which combines elements from the PPE and mainstream MEB platforms. The SSP platform is designed to be hugely adaptable, with scope to accommodate a wide range of electric motors and battery pack technology.

You can see the full piece here.

Before we get to the all-electric, though, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has announced that, come 2024, every model they offer will be a plug-in hybrid.


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