World’s First Electronic Chief Information Security Officer

Red Piranha
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It’s a slippery slope. Just ask Elon Musk, who has been warning the world about aritificial intelligence for what seems like ever.

And then there’s Red Piranha, who not only appears to be singularly unworried about the AI beings who might take over the Earth, they’re also seemingly prepared to give them a hand.

Australia-based Red Piranha feels that their electronic CISO services are cost effective and ready to stand up to business in aa challenging new world.

In the face of continually evolving cybersecurity threats attacking companies irrespective of size, location or industry, the need for a Chief Information Security Officer has never been greater. Unfortunately, the affordability and availability of individuals with these skills and experience is rare.

For decades, small to mid-sized companies have been overlooked when it comes to cybersecurity solutions. Red Piranha’s eCISO service, which forms part of Red Piranha’s Crystal Eye UTM Platform solves this problem. This approach provides a cost-effective option for businesses to gain access to the means to create security plans, manage compliance, generate detailed reports on security systems and delivers the majority of the critical pieces of information a full-time CISO or contracted VCISO would provide.

“Our eCISO is an automated service that integrates directly with our Crystal Eye platform,” says Adam Bennett, CEO of Red Piranha, “producing in-depth compliance reports helping organizations generate a comprehensive, deliverable, information security plan.”

Top tech talent comes at an extensive cost, unattainable to many businesses. Red Piranha’s eCISO service comes at less than 25 percent of a CISO’s salary. “With our new eCISO solution, you only pay for what you need, whether it’s just expert advice to grow the skills of your current staff or an end-to-end managed service,” says Bennett.

Companies tend to operate within a range of industry specific frameworks which demand compliance, with these compliance requirements often spanning many regions. “The best protection comes from knowledge and a holistic security program,” says Bennett. “Red Piranha can provide that on an ongoing basis and at a fraction of the cost.”

Utilizing an electronic CISO in partnership with Red Piranha gives clients clear visibility over the person managing their security, Bennett claims. “Our eCISO solution is about establishing a long-lasting partnership with our clients. We are more than just a product vendor, we become an extension of their team.” ◊

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