Luxury by the Day

Ever looked at all of those beautiful, well-turned-out socialites on Instagram and thought to yourself: Oh! My life would be perfect if only I had that bag.

Now you can.

Founded by fashion and beauty influencer, Pepperdine MBA and Hong Kong-born Elaine Hau, Luxury Fashion Rentals is betting that potential customers are willing to pay big bucks to rent top handbag brands. Hau is offering Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Dior and Moschino bags for rent on her e-commerce site.

The Hermes Garden Party 36

Hau says it starts with simply selecting a handbag and the rental ships directly to each customer for 14 or 30 day terms.

At present the Hermes Garden Party 36 (pictured at right) is the (ahem) Cadillac of Luxury Fashion Rentals’ offerings. For just $450, the $3600 bag can grace your arm for a couple of weeks. Want it for a month? Just add fifty bucks. Such a deal!

The web site, which launched January 27th, says there is “a large inventory of the top luxury handbags available, dedicated customer experience and worry-free shipping and returns which send every order directly to the customer in a custom and secure reusable box.” It also promises that the bags are authentic: not difficult to believe, since they come from the CEO’s own collection. From the web site’s about page:

Elaine has been a handbag collector for many years. All of her handbags are “like new” since she has only used them a few times for content on her social media pages and special events. She loves to have the latest handbags because they complement her fashion style. Elaine also likes to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. With her growing collection of luxury handbags just sitting in her closet at home, she has decided to share her collection with all of you. She has found a way to combine her passion for handbags and her interest in business. Elaine is committed to providing you with the best experience, from ordering online, to when your handbag arrives and when you’re ready to return.

You can visit the Luxury Fashion Rentals web site here. But keep in mind: while a great purse for a couple of weeks could be fun, perfect lives are more likely to be formed through meditation and mindfulness than accessorizing. ◊

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