App Helps Motivate People to Stick to Their Healthy Habits into the New Year

It’s that time again. Time to make a new year’s resolution – and figure out how to stick to it. That is what the creators of BMI 3D had in mind with its new app that calculates body fat while giving users a 360-degree look at the changes in their measurements as they adopt and maintain changes in their lifestyle.

The BMI 3D app is the brainchild of entrepreneur Markus Klier, a student, bodybuilder and athlete who wanted to develop a tool to help individuals stay motivated as they seek to improve their level of fitness.

And if statistics are any indicator, the app will be welcomed. In fact, research shows that approximately 80 percent of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Numbers further show that most people have given up less than two weeks into the new year.

“People start out each year wanting to be a better version of themselves but, unfortunately, they lack the positive reinforcement to help them keep going,” explained Klier. “This app visually shows the progress you are making with the adoption of healthier habits, which is a meaningful means of reinforcing the value of staying on track.”

Here’s how BMI 3D works:

·       Users enter three measurements to the app – waist, hip and neck circumference – and body fat is automatically calculated. The app gives direction on how to accurately tape these measurements.

·       A 3D visual of the human body is generated so that users have a visual starting point as they take on new nutritional and activity goals.

·       Users re-enter their measurements at designated time intervals and new images will be produced to illustrate progress.

BMI 3D is available for iOS and Android, and new users can try the app for free. The free version gives a BMI and body fat analysis and beginning picture. The Pro version is available on a paid subscription basis and provides a personal body fat estimation and sets categories to illustrate successes.

“Knowing more about one’s own body and why a healthy BMI matters is a positive in and of itself. This app can be a game-changer in helping more people keep their resolutions to lose weight or get more exercise all year – and even beyond. Seeing really is believing, and this app lets users watch the results of their efforts,” added Klier. ◊

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